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Instructions for Oral Presentations

  • For each oral presentation, there will be a 20 min time slot (15 min for the presentation + 5 min for discussion. Please make sure your presentation stays within the given time frame! 
  • Keynote talks comprise 45 min (+ max 15 min of discussion).  
  • The conference room is equipped with a beamer and a Windows computer to allow PowerPoint Presentations. We provide MS Office 2010. Please note, that it will not be possible to use your own computer
  • There will be no Macintosh computer. Please make sure that your presentation can run under Windows.
  • Please provide your Oral Presentations either as PowerPoint or PDF File on CD or on a USB memory stick.
  • Please hand over your presentation to the staff at our IT Office upon arrival. It will be possible to check the presentation on correct functioning and display of all slides. To minimize potential incompatibilities between software versions, we recommend limited use of animation, use of common Windows fonts for text and symbol fonts for equations.


Instructions for Posters


  • Mounting your poster on the poster board
    Posters should be pinned to the fabric-covered boards. Pins will be supplied by the organisers. 
  • Size of your poster
    The dimensions of the poster should be in A0 portrait format (120 cm high and 85 cm wide).



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